The Husbandman

The Husbandman is a compelling collection of poems sometimes humorous, sometimes serious, and sometimes vaguely hinting at other ideas that are best summed up by the climax of the short story included at the end.


Foreword Reviews, by Clarion Review

Foreword Reviews, by Clarion Review

• Rosenfeld writes with passionate intelligence about his concerns for societal and governmental ills.

• The cover.....

In Troubled Times

In Troubled Times includes outspoken, mostly rhyming verse-poems that may reinforce and gladden some of the personal sentiments of those who value fighting for the West.


Foreword Reviews, by Clarion Review

Kirkus Reviews

• “Structured, rhyming verse that documents human emotion, from unchecked hostility to more reflective appreciation.”

•    “As the narrator leaves hate behind in favor of gratefulness, the.....

The Rainbow’s Out

Readers will find a fair amount about the sky, some about philosophy and science, and a few on the always somewhat desperate feelings of being in love. There is of course at least one poem about a cat.

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What is Worth Saying?

Silver is also precious, in addition to gold. And platinum is prized; even copper and base metals are of value. Whatever the getting of the ore within here, it is hoped that something, anything, even a gem of just a few lines, will adorn the reader’s soul when naked like the author’s. Here, then, are rhymes and rhythms, appealing to the ear, meant for hearing aloud. The.....

Cupid’s Arrow

The Interior Archaeological Expedition vanished without a trace in The Desolate Zone. When its leader returns alone under suspicious circumstances from the hostile side of the world, she is seized, interrogated and put on trial. What happened to The Interior Archaeological Expedition, and what will become of its leader, Lady Thundercrest? A mystery tale awaits the reader of Cupid’s Arrow.

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